Getting Paid After Selling Your House In Killeen

It may not seem like something you’d consider to a concern, but many people legitimately worry they won’t be paid, promptly or at all, after selling their home. Truthfully, there are many factors that can affect how and when you will be paid after selling your home, but you will likely be working with a real estate investment company, broker, or sometimes a real estate agent. Whomever you work with, are there to act as mediators between parties ensuring that neither buyer nor seller have to worry about every detail of the process. If you’re selling a house in Killeen, iVestHomes will buy your property outright. No mediation needed!

There are a few steps that you will need to complete in order to get paid. First, you will be signing a “Transfer of Deed” to begin the paperwork needed to complete the sale. Usually once this is completed, the  title company that is taking care of the sale will begin the process of completing a wire transfer into your account. This is usually an easier and more direct route to payment on behalf of the title company, but there are other options available as well. Being paid by check, or verified money order, can happen but it is generally not how the process is completed. You will also want to make sure that everyone involved signs a payment authorization form to be sure that no one else has a claim to the funds you are about to receive. Last, you should expect a wire transfer to take about two weeks to complete once the process has been started. 

Getting a cash offer from iVestHomes is another option. We pay cash for homes in Killeen. This allows us to close quickly, and to pay our clients at the closing table.

The amount of funds you receive from selling your home can vary largely depending on a few factors. The real estate market, purchase price, and how you decide to sell the home can all play large roles in the final price you receive. Typically, you as the seller and the buyer will both elect to have a real estate agent represent you in the process to make sure that someone who is professionally knowledgeable in the sales process is completing the process. However, if you are working with a cash buyer, then you will complete a separate process that is completely different from the traditional sales process. You can learn more about the cash home buying process here.

The Closing process can also vary depending on the sales process you would use, however it can also affect the final funds you will receive. If you have decided to sell your home in a more traditional way, then you will likely encounter more costs associated with closing. These are normal and part of the process, but many can feel overwhelmed when  they are listed out individually. On the other hand, when you sell to a cash buyer you will deal with fewer costs associated with the closing process, but will receive a lower offer in the beginning of the process. Each of these methods have their own individual merits and the choice should be made with these details in mind.

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