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There are many things that can affect the housing markets, and it’s clear that a global pandemic is one of them. Selling your home is already a stressful time, when you add the major stress and anxiety from worrying about getting sick, then you have a recipe for disaster. Many people are choosing to skip this process entirely by getting a cash offer for their home

If you need to sell your home quickly, no matter the reason, iVestHomes is the best bet. If you’re considering selling your home on the open market, then you have to accept that this process takes time. There is the process of listing the home, accepting an offer, qualifying for Lending, and then closing. All of these steps have their own processes and all of them take quite a long time to complete. Also, most of these steps also can have the sale unfortunately fall through. For many, this is not something they want to contend with when selling their home. We’ll make you a cash offer on your home the same day that you reach out to us, and we can close within a week.

Something else you want to think about is showing the home to buyers. Not everyone wants people milling around their home if you’re worried someone might be sick. Other people will choose not to go out due to the risk of getting sick themselves. Both of these things means that showing a potential buyer the home can be stressful. There are options that you have to alleviate these stresses such as hiring a professional photographer who specializes in photographing homes for sale. This can help better show the features of the home to someone who is not interested in going out into the public but is also interested in your home. Also, if you sell your home to iVestHomes, you will only have to show the home one time. No multiple showings, no stressful showing schedules.

Also, you need to know if there are any repairs needed on the home. In the traditional sales process this means you will need to disclose them to the buyer and they can back out of the deal or simply not make an offer. On the other hand, iVestHomes will take repairs needed on the home into account when making an offer and adjust our offer accordingly. You can skip out on a lot of time, effort, and money involved in a major home repair by simply selling the home instead. This also means that when we make a cash offer on your house, we’ll actually pay you what we quote you. No fees and no commissions.

Last consideration is the legal risks you face when selling a home. There are a lot of steps in the sales process for a home and in each of those steps there are a lot of documents you need to sign and disclose. Choosing to sell the home to us means that you limit your risk. We have our process refined to the fewest steps possible and will do everything they can to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

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